Posted on Jun 24, 2016 by Christina

All Choked Up

Who would have seriously thought that those stretchy tattoo chokers made of plastic would be a fashion staple of 2016?

Definitely not 9 year old me, otherwise ya girl would have stocked up on those $0.25 chokers at the mall from a gumball machine, in between that toy vending machine with the Sticky Hands and the coin-operated sticker machine with glittery Hello Kitties.

Whether you’re a choker enthusiast or truth be-choke, you’re just not that into them, there’s no doubt that chokers are the BFFLs our necks are looking for.


From Bella to Hailey to Kendall, chokers are taking over the fashion nation and we are pledging our allegiance hardcore — and we're not sorry about it. There's something about a thin band of fabric that completes a simple tee and jeans or accents a bodysuit high waisted shorts. The psychology behind that aesthetic is something we don't really care to look into.

We just want the goods.

Major shout outs to Hailey Baldwin for capturing our hearts and pulling off a choker like it's nobody's business. I would double-tap a million times for all her looks.


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