Posted on Sep 19, 2016 by Christina

Sophia Miacova x

Meet Sophia Miacova, babe of babes and our girl crush. The 22 year old model, vegan, and animal rights advocate has won the hearts of over 2 million followers on social media with her gorgeous selfies, sexy style, down-to-earth captions, and sense of humor.

Sophia teamed up with to create an exclusive collection of statement outfits.

10% of proceeds from this collection will be donated to an animal rights organization of Sophia's choice.


What are your favorite pieces in the collection and why?

Although I love all of the pieces from the collection, I do have a few favorites. The black two piece sarong skirt is amazing! The cut reminds me of a Grecian dress. Another favorite I have is the orange dress. It is the epitome of sexy-classy!




Why did the collaboration with Love Culture a good fit for your personal style?

To partner with Love Culture meant that I could express myself in a variety of styles. They have so many audiences they cater to and I wanted to create a collection that everyone could wear.


What hot spots in LA do you see yourself wearing these items to?

I can see myself wearing these pieces to dinner night, events and a girls night out!


What was your involvement in the designing the collection?

Love Culture and I worked together to design 20 pieces. I was able to give my input that reflected my style and bring to life the amazing collection!


Tell us about the charity you've chosen to donate proceeds to, and why.

I chose a charity that focuses on educating society on the cruelty to animals. More specifically, they focus on farmed animals. There is a lack of focus on these animals and I am passionate in helping them in any way I can.


3 words to describe the collection?


Shop all twenty pieces on LOVE CULTURE now + check out Sophia's try-on haul: