Posted on Aug 5, 2016 by Christina

Blogger Profile: @jennalyyy

With eyebrows constantly on fleek and beautiful hair that just won't quit, LC blogger babe @jennalyyy is a diamond in the rough. Want to get to know her a bit more? Here are a few questions we asked, and her awesome responses!

Who you be?

Hello my name is Jennaly Alexis Bounvilom, and I'm a full time student, majoring in graphic designing!

Do you have and nicknames or aka's?

Omg yes I do. My parents and family call me La, pronounced like you're saying, "lala," but just La hehe. In Laotian it means "sweetie or sweetheart."
My friends, on the other hand, call me Jelly because they never pronounced my actual name right, so they hit it with a Jelly!! But I was totally fine with it :)

How do we stalk — or... how do we find you on social media?

I have the same name for both my Instagram and Snapchat which is @jennalyyy ! Beware though, because my family is all over my snapchat! They love taking my phone... especially my little cousins lol

If we looked at your phone right now, what are the first 5 emojis you've used recently?

because I do laugh at almost everything

don't even ask. Just know I do have a boyfriend hehehe jk jk

I do love making everyone's day so sending a smily emoji makes me happy

I love to make sure everyone knows the Lao flag!

most used emoji when I'm not in the mood

What's the last song you vibed to?

Last song I listened would have to be Kehlani's "Distraction" — I freakin love that song!

Tacos or burritos?

Omg not even a question!!! Tacos all the way!

What is that one go-to outfit that you have that makes you feel like you're the sh*t?

Hmmm... it would probably have to be my black tank crop top, a long pencil skirt, and a flannel wrapped around my waist. I'll throw on some slides and also have my hair braided!! YAS!!!!

It's 9pm on a Wednesday and your best friend called you and said she just broke up with her boyfriend. She wants to go out and has already called an uber to pick you up in 15 minutes. What do you do?

I'll scream, "OH MYY GAHH! AGAIN!" because my best friend breaking up with her boyfriend is a usual thing haha! But I'll do anything for my girl and try my best to get ready with the 15 short minutes I have!

Are you Team Kimye or Team Swift or Team You Don't Care?

I don't really care for their drama at all! It's pretty funny to watch, but I'm Team Both! I love Kimye and I love Taylor as an artist — they're both amazing in their own ways!

Catch Jennaly stuntin' regularly on the LC IG!