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Blogger Profile: Ellen V Lora



My phone lights up on my desk with a text:

“Hey I’m downstairs can you open the door?”

I lightly jog down the staircase and look over my shoulder out the glass windows. With denim shorts, the perfectly oversized boyfriend flannel, ice purple hair, and eyeliner winged sharper than the razors that have cut my legs one too many times, Ellen V Lora is looking down at her phone, looking cool AF.


Girl what's your name, what's your sign?

The name's Ellen V Lora & I'm a Virgo.

Are you single or off the market?

In a relationship with myself.

How did you get into blogging and being amazing?

I got into blogging roughly 2 years ago. I have always been the creative type and loved styling and expressing myself through my wardrobe. I've always been fascinated by how clothes & makeup can transform you, so this job is quite ideal for me. I feel as though all my previous jobs & experiences have led me to blogging. Instagram was also a huge stepping stone for me because I utilized it as my main platform.

As for the amazing part — it's been this way since the womb to the tomb.

Have you had any weird fan moments?

Haha there's been a few that have thrown me off, but all in all it's flattering & pretty great that people can feel so connected to you through a URL relationship. It's all love.


What current song are you vibing to?

I recently stumbled upon Troye Sivan & his entire album has been on mad loop. But, if I were to choose one current jam then it'd have to be Rihanna's 'Needed Me'.

How do you achieve the perfect selfie?

Optimal lighting for one. Then angles, and of course make up that slays.

Do you have a weird secret talent?

I can fall asleep anywhere, anytime. Does that count as one?

What's your favorite SnapChat filter?

Currently it's the face swap filter. The possibilities are endless.

What's your favorite drink when you're going out?

Water. I know, I'm fun.

If you were a rapper, what would your stage name be?


Any advice to aspiring bloggers?

Time and time again this phrase remains true: do you and stay true to you. Don't conform and make your own rules. Be persistent and proactive. Be your own source of motivation. Do it for yourself. Don't stray and don't ever give up.

Last but not least, if you had to choose, fries or guys?

Fries with a side of guys


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