Posted on Jan 3, 2017 by Christina

New Year, New Hashtag

We all have our favorite blogger babes and influencers who we follow, and we are in awe over their flawless pics.

Like babe, seriously, how do you just take a pic sitting on a staircase and look flawless AF showing off the new platform boots your wearing?! It seems so easy, until we try it ourselves and realize that maybe sitting with just the right posture and our left leg bent at an exact 37 degree angle is a lot harder than we thought.

Just cause we can't be bloggers with millions of followers doesn't mean that we can't still take pics of ourselves looking fab as hell, am I right!? When you cop your newest and latest goodies on LOVECULTURE.COM, you are thinking about when you can wear them out, where you can wear them to, and what kind of photo you can post on IG to #SLAY. Wouldn't it be dope if you could get PAID for your LOVECULTURE slayage?

Well, now you can.

We LOVE seeing LC on YOU... so we're introducing our NEW hashtag for all your LOVECULTURE outfits on IG:


Use #LConME in all of your LOVECULTURE outfits and we'll be choosing one winner EVERY MONTH to win $100 on the site, so start shopping and rounding up your best friends/boyfriends/selfie sticks/self timers and take those BOMB pics! We can NOT wait to see your SLAY that PAYS.