Posted on Jun 23, 2016 by Christina

Outfit of the 4th of July

Think back to July 3rd, 2015. You had decided at the very last minute that you would attend your friend's 4th of July barbecue and you really needed the perfect outfit because, well, IG. You ran to the mall and grabbed the first pair of red, white, and blah shorts that were size 2-small and cost too much, but yolo.

On July 5th, you found those shorts on the floor and tossed them into the hamper, vowing that you would find a way to wear them throughout the year a few times to get your money's worth.

In September, you tried wearing them for Labor Day weekend, but those summer pounds packed on a little bit and your ass could not fit.
In December, you tried to casually hide the blue stars on the shorts so you could be a candy cane for the holiday season, but you looked in the mirror and realized you looked really lame.
In March, you concluded that you would never wear those shorts again because they were a last minute fashion fail, and they met their new home in the garbage can.

The 4th of July is an overlooked holiday in regards to fashion; its items are super iconic, making them almost impossible to shop for and even more impossible to wear again, unless you enjoy being patriotic 365 days a year (no shame, girl). Instead of spending $100+ on an outfit you'll never wear again, let's pledge allegiance to Love Culture's goodies for the 4th of July!

Look #1 - You're going to that family barbecue, where the number of burgers you'll be eating will be similar to the number of snaps you'll be posting.

# # #

1. Denim Stars & Stripes Frayed Shorts - $24.95
2. Dimepiece White Black Scoopneck Thong Bodysuit - $47.95
3. Red Stars & Stripes Multi Use Scarf - $12.95
4. Red Classic Printed Bandana - $2.95
5. Off White Ribbed Knit Front Ties Bodysuit - $27.95
6. Denim Stars & Stripes Distressed Shorts - $24.95

Look #2 - You're attending a cocktail party, where you'll sip on a martini and exchange coy smiles with the love of your life as the fireworks boom into the night sky.

# # #

1. White and Navy Printed Wrap Maxi Dress - $49.95
2. Red Overlap Pleated Flared Dress - $44.95
3. Dark Blue Pinstripe Off Shoulder Ruched Romper - $39.95

Look #3 - This is the outfit for any babe who lives in the land of the free and the home of the ratchets, nahmean. Show everyone who is I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T on the perfect day for it.

# # #

1. Royal Blue Jersey Knit Slashed Scoop Jumpsuit - $27.95
2. Ivory Ruched Top and Shorts - $19.95 each
3. Dark Denim Zipper Down High Slit Dress - $54.95

Remember, America runs on two things: freedom and IG photos, so find your perfect #OutfitOfThe4thOfJuly on LOVE CULTURE now!