Posted on Sep 29, 2016 by Christina

Sophia's Ab Workout

When we first met Sophia during hair and make up on set, we fell in love with her for her silly sense of humor and super down to earth-ness. Then, she began putting on our clothes, and that's when we began to regret every pizza we've ever eaten in our lives. There's no denying Sophia Miacova's abs, and we abs-olutely wish we had them on our bodies. This babe puts in the work though — if you haven't seen her daily workout video, you're in for a treat:

If you're down for the challenge and ready to see some results, here are Sophia's ab workouts that she shared with us! Let us know how it goes — we're sending you positive ab vibez~


- 100 crunches a day, whether you go to the gym or not
- 10lb medicine ball side to side in crunch position
- 10lb weights on each side & dip

Try to work out in the morning so you can be more productive!