Posted on May 13, 2016 by Christina

What Happens in Vegas... Happens While Wearing Love Culture

On the eve of your 21st birthday, you were most likely in bed, looking up at the ceiling and wondering what privileges you would be granted within just a few hours:

  1. You'd be able to raid your parents' liquor cabinet and NOT get arrested (yay)
  2. You'd be able to partake in Taco Tuesdays without having to recite your older sister's best friend's cousin's daughter's address - because it's totally believable that you're just visiting LA from Maine.
    On a Tuesday.
    In February.
  3. When you get that Facebook invite for a girl's trip or someone's birthday in Vegas, YOU CAN GO.

For all your Vegas virgins out there, we know your initial questions and concerns include a few of these:

Vegas? Do I drive? Do I fly? What kind of clothes should I bring? Where should I eat? Buffet? But I want to look skinny for the day clubs. Wait what do I wear to a day club? I should have stuck to P90X when I started it (3 years ago), damn it.

Don't worry babes, we'll take a stroll down the strip and walk you through your first Vegas encounter. And even if you're a babe who has gone to Vegas legally over the age of 21 *cough*, you can nod along to this post in agreement.

First things first, you're either driving or flying there, and you don't need to be looking fine, fresh, or fierce on the rides there and back. Like any trip that involves traveling, comfort is key. Throw on some leggings and a big shirt and call it a day - there's literally no one you need to impress on that 4 hour car ride. Unless the person driving is your crush. And it's just the two of you. And this is the car ride where you both realize you're in love with each other because you shared your fear of cotton balls with him and he shared his love of sloths with you.

Actually, if it's true love, then he should love you for who you are and not what you're wearing, AMIRITE LADIES?

Once you arrive to the hotel, your Vegas experience depends on a few different things: how long you're there for, what you're there for, and the level of intensity in the group of people you're with you can be going to one day club and one night club, or you can be hitting multiple clubs all weekend. In either situation, you're going to need a day club outfit and a going out-fit for the night where you can hashtag slaaaaaaaaaay.

Day Clubbing? More like Bae Clubbing because you're going to take a hot pic for IG with you and your mains in front of the bar at Encore Beach Club.

The basic day club outfit usually consists of a bikini/one piece (shocker), a cover up, sunnies, and cute sandals, unless you're about that life and down to slay in the perfect wedges. You can either bring a small purse to carry around or you can utilize someone with pockets to hold your sh*t. I strongly advocate the latter.

The One Piece Wonder.

High cuts to match your standards.

God Bless the USA

May the fourth (of July) be with you.

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful,

cover ups.

Wedge Yourself In

No really though, don't let b*tches cut you at the bar.

BRB, on vacay.

A one piece is worth a thousand likes.

The Key to Successful Day Clubbing:

Sunnies are Quay and v essential.

Handle Your Sandal

We're laced ALL THE WAY UP!

After three hours of standing in the sun and not getting in the pool because you're not very interested in accidentally swallowing the pool water, it's time to shower, pass out, and start getting ready for your night out. Vegas "going out" style has its own place in the fashion world: it's not quite as casual chic "I'm trying without trying" style that you'll find in DTLA on a Saturday night, but you're not going to someone's quincenera either, ya feel me? You can wear that bodycon dress, that two piece midi set, and that jumpsuit with a dark lip and an extra b*tchy eyebrow — no one's stopping you from doing your thang goiiirrl.

Here are a few of our favorite head turners and jaw droppers for your night out at the club where you'll sit at a table that costs a good portion of your tuition.

The LBD.

LBD stands for Little Black DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY.

Crush It.

Literally, these bad boys are going to crush anyone who tries to get in your way.

Off the Grid

and on point.

Ch-ch-ch-Choker Face.

Ch-ch-Choker face.


Nude heels... we're talking about nude heels.

Get it White,

Get it white, get it tight.

What happens in Vegas... happens while wearing Love Culture.

You're all set for a weekend or even a suicide trip to Vegas, so grab your babes and start texting your promotors aka your friend's brother's best friend's nephew who you met once at a party but keeps DMing you insisting that he'll comp you and your "beautiful girl friends" the best table at Light. Bring your own water bottles, chasers, and snacks because the price mark up at a hotel is ridiculous (I had to pay $6 for a bottle of water one time - I should have just died), and if all you've eaten during the weekend is McDonald's and pho, just accept it and run an extra mile on the elliptical next week.

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